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Alight Motion is the World’s First Professional Motion Graphics and Animation Application which also Allows you to Edit your Videos and for Crafting Animations.

It is available on both Android and iOS. It is known for its User-Friendly Interface and Helpful Features which let you create Beautiful Animations and Impressive Motion Graphics which you can make on your Tablets and Mobile Phones.

Features of Alight Motion

With a Variety of Excellent features that make it the best Motion Graphics and Animation, A Few Most Important Features are Mentioned Below:

1. Keyframe Animation

This Feature is a Goldmine for Animation artists and Video Editors. Not only that, this can save you a ton of effort and time. But How?. By allowing you to add the Number of Layers to your video or animation. By adding these layers you’re able to add any kind of Elements like text, images, gifs, stickers, and shapes in those Layers, which are nearly impossible in some Apps to add on a Phone or Tablet.

2. Color Adjustment

A feature that you can use to enhance the quality of your videos by adding the relevant colors. Not only that you can add colors frame by frame which can give you the Perfect contrast for Attention. If you’re able to choose the Right Colors for your videos and their correct positioning can give new life to your content.

3. Motion Graphics Templates

With a Variety of Pre-Designed motion graphics templates it saves you a lot of Time and Effort. You can use these Pre-Build templates customize them and use them in your Projects.

4. Visual Effects and Filters

It Provides you with a range of effects and filters that can enhance the visual appeal of your videos. You can create customized settings which include color correction, blur, brightness, glow, shadows, and some other things, through that you can make the desired look for your videos.

5. Vector Graphics

This Feature allows you to create Shapes and Graphics from the comfort of the Alight Motion App, and it also helps you to Scale it without losing its Quality of it. It is very useful when you Making a logo or icons or other vector based Graphics.

6. Text Animations

With a lot of pre-designed presets you’re able to use these in your Videos or Photos or Animations. You can also Customize these Properties, like, fonts, texts, animations, and Colors.

7. Blending Modes

For the Purpose of Compositing and Blend layers, it offers a Variety of Blend Modes, like (Overlay, Screen, and Multiply).

8. Chroma Key

With the Help Green Screen it Allows you to Change the Background of your Video or Photo or Animation of your own Choice. This feature is very helpful to catch the attention of Users.

9. Export Options

All of your Efforts and Hard work will go in vain if you’re able to Export your Video, Photo, or animation in your Desired format. No Worries this will Solve your Problem. For Photos, you have Multiple Options, e.g. JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc. You can Videos in MP4 format and also in HD Quality.

10. Audio Editing

You can also import your audio clips in Alight Motion and Edit them according to your needs. Which Includes, adding fade effects, adjusting volume, and Synchronizing audio with video Clips.

Benefits of Alight Motion

a. Easy to Edit

You don’t need a fancy Computer or Laptop to craft animations or for the purpose of editing videos. You can also do these things from the comfort of your Mobile Phone using Alight Motion. 

b. Professional Features

What Makes it different is the features. Professional features that are usually available in Software but it Provides you with the Mobile app. For Example, Keyframe Animation, Vector Graphics, Layer-based editing, motion graphics, text animations, templates, and various effects.

c. User Friendly Interface

You don’t have be to an experienced editor or animation artist to use this App. It Provides you with a Simple and User-Friendly Interface that a beginner can use it very easily. 

d. Customization

You don’t want? that you have you’ve full control over all the effects, text, presets, graphics, and animations that you can customize according to your own Desire. This will allow you to take full control of the customization.

f. Cost Effective

If you’re tight on Budget then the free will help you a lot in the process with its amazing features and there are also some features that are free but for some, you’ve to pay a Slight Monthly Subscription. 

g. Regular Updates

Alight Inc. which is the Developer of this App frequently releases updates to the app to boost the user experience, performance improvements, bug fixes, and introduce new features. 

Subscription Options 

If you’re a Beginner who is just starting his career or working in Video Editing or wants to Craft Animations for his/her Social Media. Then, it is the best option for you to optimize the Free Version.

But those persons who have Experience in Video Editing and Animations. Then you’ve to consider the Premium Version. Here’s Why? The Premium offers a lot of Professional tools that you are unable to find in Single Place. 

To Check the Premium Packages Visit Alight Motion. You will find here all the Information about the Account, Payment and subscriptions, Troubleshooting, and General FAQs which can help you a lot in the Process. But if you can’t Afford Alight Motion you can Download Alight Motion Mod APK to Enjoy all the Premium Features for Free.

Pros & Cons


  • Simple to Use and User-Friendly Interface, It’s not too hard even if you’re a beginner.
  • You can Customize the Effects and Presets to use in the Future.
  • Mobile Convenient, Like a Mini Studio in your Pocket which you can use anytime and anywhere.
  • User Support is Brilliant.
  • Customer Support is very User Friendly and Supportive


  • If you have an Old Device it Might Crash Sometimes only if you’re using the Latest Version.
  • If you’re using it for the first time it might take you some time to Understand and to have a Grip.
  • It takes a bit of time when you’re exporting.
  • Not Available for PC, Solely Created for Mobile Phones.
  • Regular Updates Bring the Bugs along Side with it. 


Alight Motion is a user-friendly mobile app that brings professional-grade motion graphics and video editing to your smartphone. It’s a versatile tool with keyframe animation, color adjustments, templates, and more. While it’s accessible for beginners, it offers advanced features for experienced users. The app is cost-effective, with a free version and premium options. Despite occasional bugs, it’s like having a portable studio for creative projects at your fingertips. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, Alight Motion is your creative companion on the go.

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