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You Might have Seen on Social Media Platforms that, How one can Create Images and Videos with so much perfection of frames, Fonts, Visual Effects, Creative Designs, Animations and Graphics. You Might be Thinking that these are Created by Professional Videographers or Photographers or Animation Artists?

But this is not the Case, you can also create Images, Videos and Animations like these, by yourself with “Alight Motion MOD APK”.

What is Alight Motion?

The First and Far Most Trusted Professional Motion Designing Application that brings you a Kind of:

  • Visual Effects  that will Make you Think, These are the Ones that I’m Looking For.
  • Motion Graphics that will Seal the Deal for you.
  • Animations you are Imagining to Create.
  • Video Editing that Blows your Mind.
  • Video Compositing and Much More.

These are also Vast Number of Tools that Can Help you to Make Animated Videos, Motion Designs, Aesthetic Images for your Social Media.

This App has Two Modes, One is FREE in which you can Avail a Limited Number of Features, and Motion Designs, Visual Effects and Animations Absolutely Free.

But the Other Mode is “Paid”, in which you’ve Got to Pay Slight Amount, Which will get you  Additional Number of Features, that Can Help you in Variety of Matters/Tasks Which Includes, Complete Library of Vectors, Free Hand Illustrations, No Watermark, ADs Free, Variety of Animations that will Make your Work Standout and also Many other Number of Tools and Features Unlocked that you will Not Find on the Free Version. One Stop of Solution for all of your Graphic Problems.

What is the Alight motion MOD APK Version?

Alight Motion MOD APK is like the Paid Version of this Application, But it is Free. This Version will give you access to all the Resources and Tools for Free which you’re Getting on the Paid Version after Purchasing the Premium Subscription Plan.

 Alight Motion MOD APK is Usually Helpful for those Persons who Don’t want to pay for the Premium Subscription Plan or Who Don’t have the Enough Budget to Purchase the Subscription Plan.

In Alight Motion MOD APK you are able to Create and Edit the Same Videos, Photos, Animations and Motion Graphics, Video Editing without Watermark, with No AD’s and all of this for Free. Yes, you Read it Right.  Like the Same that you’re Creating in the Paid Version of this App.

Yes, it Seems Stupid, But it’s True.

You can Download Alight Motion MOD APK from our Website, So, what are you waiting for, go for it, “Download” the APP and Show the World about your Creativeness that will Make you Standout in the Crowd.

Why/What Makes it the Best Graphic Motion Design application?

You can Edit Videos with it on Android, Like other Apps FilmoraGo and After Effects, What makes it Different is Animation Effects, Motion Compositions and Control over it. But in the Free Version you will Get a limited Number of Features with a Watermark. And what makes it best is the Ability to layer Films, Motion Graphics and Audio Sets that Makes it Apart.

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Visual Effects.webp
Blending Modes.webp

Will XML files be supported by Alight Motion MOD APK?

Yes, Absolutely Alight Motion MOD APK Support XML Files, This Feature Allows you to import Files or Folders from any source of  your Device. This can Make your Job Easier and you can Experience the Better Results with it.

Exports Image.webp

How can watermarks be removed from the Alight Motion MOD APK?

There are 2 Options through which you can remove Watermark.

The first option is to Buy the Premium Subscription of Alight Motion through which you can Export your Final File without Watermark.

With Watermark

Remove Watermark.webp

The 2nd Option is to use Mod Version of Alight Motion in which you Cannot only Export the Final Work with No Watermark. Perhaps you can Avail other Paid Features also in this Version.

Without Watermark

Without Watermark.webp

Quality Features of Alight Motion MOD APK

1. Keyframe Animation

This Feature is like a Heaven for the Video Editors it is even Suitable for the Newcomers who are New to Video Editing, This feature will Help you Save a lot of time and Efforts, with a number of frames that you can add in your videos and you can also add Several items in each Frame one by one on Keyframe. Each Shot will broke down to Individual Frames that will Help you define the Start or Ending Point of any type of Transition.

2. Color Adjustment

The Color Adjustment Feature that will make you feel “REAL” this will Enhance the Visual Appeal of your Video with Perfect Contrast and Correct Positioning of Colors of your own Choice along with Adjustment Frame By Frame. Choosing the Right Colors and Grading is like Giving a new life to your Content. This feature will help you Achieve it with its Advanced Color Correction Techniques.

Color Adjustment.webp

3. Visual Effects

You’re allowed to use approximately 1000 Visual Effects to Explain your Content to your Audience. These Visual effects are available for Photos and Videos. A kind of Visual Effects that will give your Video an Advanced Level Look. The most Popular Visual Effects are Hot Color, Clouds, Shadows, Highlights, Color Tune etc.

visual effects 2.webp

4. Blending Modes

This Feature allows you to create layers to your Image or Videos to add More Items to it which you can edit it Further which makes it look Unique and New in the Market. You can also Increase or Decrease the Number of Layers and you can also Change the Opacity of it for your Use. With this Feature you’re able to Use Multiple Layers with Blending Mode Options from which you can Adjust the Layers with Each Other.

Blending Modes 2.webp

5. Vector Graphics

If you’re an Anime Person then you’d love this Tool, This tool will Help you Create Animations with Vectors through which you can animate Astonishing Images in Alight Motion MOD APK. 2D AND 3D Image Sketches that are created with Vectors can also be added in animated Video.

With your Creativity you can Create Exceptional Animated Designs.

VECTOR Graphics.webp

6. Font Styles

With 2000+ Built-in Fonts you can add Fonts of your own Choice in your Images or Videos to Create Text Layers. Add animated Fonts in animated Videos or Photos. But if you want to use your Customized style Font you can also add your Own Font to Make it More Beautiful and Attractive.


7. Export in Multiple Formats

After giving so Much time and Putting So much Efforts you would not want to end up in a Situation where you will not be able to Export in your Desired Format. No worries this will Solve your Problem, In Alight Motion MOD APK you can Export your Videos and Photos with the Number of Options XML, GIF, JPEG, PNG for the Photos and MP4 Format for the Videos.

Exports Image 2.webp

8. User Friendly Interface

A kind of Interface that a Newbie can Crack it on the First Go. Simple, Easy to use, Suitable for Everyone. User Friendly Interface that will Make it Comfortable for You to Use. Designed with an Intention to Make it More Specific for You.

Alight Motion Image.webp

9. Save in HD Quality

Alight Motion allows you to save your Videos or Photos in HD QUALITY with no Questions Asked, by Clicking on the HD Option you will be able to save it in your Personal Gallery.

Export Image 3.webp

10. Professional Usage

IF you’re a Professional Graphic Designer, Videographer, Photographer, Animation Artist and You’ve not used Alight Motion, Let me Tell you Something, You’re Missing an Amazing Experience, The Vectors, Visual Effects, Blending Modes, Keyframe Animations that will Make your Design and Editing Unique and it will Make you Stand out in the Crowd. 

Key features of Alight Motion MOD APK

1. No Ads/Ads Free

You’ve Always wish, that During your work time when you’re Entirely Focused and Putting the Required Effort that is Needed for the Designs that you’re Creating for Yourself or For Your Clients, Editing or Animating the Videos or Photos for Your Social Media Channels, You Don’t want any Kind of Distraction to Distract you in this Process, But these Annoying Ads always Find a way to Distract you, But Not this Time, In Alight Motion MOD APK you are able to do your Work with No Ads to Distract you. The Ads will be Blocked in this Version.

2. No Watermark

The Main Reason why People Hate to Use these Free Video/Photo Editing Apps or Graphic/Animation Designing apps, is the Watermark of the Company at that time when you’ve Exporting it from the App to your Device, And it is Showing Watermark. But in Alight Motion MOD APK you can Export your Files without having to worry about the Watermark, Unlimited Times without Paying a Single Penny from your Pocket.

3. All Presets Unlocked 

You Might have Noticed that in the Free Version Some Presets are Unlocked but that Presets Sometimes Don’t Fit in a Situation. Perhaps Some Presets are Locked which you want  to Use but aren’t able to Use.

4. Unlimited Font Options

Fonts are the Most Important Elements in Every Photo, Design, Video or Animation that  Attracts the User, but what will you do if you’re getting a kind of Font that is not Suitable for your Particular Kind of Work. You do nothing, Because you’ve only a few options to Choose From. In MOD Version, you can Choose a Variety of Font Options, Still if you don’t Like form these Fonts, you can Even Import your Own Font into it.

5. All Effects Unlocked

In Mod Version all Effects will Be Unlocked which can Make your Photos, Videos, Graphics or Animation Unique from the Industry for Free.

6. Chroma Key Unlocked

Can you Imagine to Change the Spot of the Colors from One Spot to another Spot Without Making a Mess on your Design. It seems Unreal, doesn’t it? But with Chroma Key  you do that, with Zero Cost. In the Mod Version you will get this Feature for Free.

7. XML Support 

During the Design or Editing Process if you want to Import files but you don’t have an option to Import a kind of File that you want to Import, what will you do? Leave the Design or Editing Process Uncompleted? 

Here’s the Solution for you, with XML Support Feature you can Import any kind of file from anywhere of your Device for Free. But this Feature is Paid and it is only Available in the Mod Version for Free.

8. All Premium Features Unlocked

Alight Motion MOD APK is giving you the Opportunity to Use all the Premium Features of Alight Motion for free which Includes Watermark Free Exports, No Ads to Distract you From your Work, all Effects and Presets Unlocked, Unlimited Number of Font Options, Chroma Key, XML Support and Many other Features absolutely Free.

9. Zero Lagging

If you’re an android user, you’ve also experienced the Lagging while using Editing or Designing Apps, In Mod version you will Not Experience lagging whilst using the App which can Help you Save Time.

10. Free Download

In 2023 Android Users can Download Alight Motion MOD APK for free through which you can Create Amazing Motion Graphics, Use your Creativity to Edit the Photos or Videos, Make Unique Animation by Using all the Paid Features for Free.

Benefits of Using Alight Motion 

  • Users have access to Wide Variety of Media Format, which allows them to Use these Media Formats According to their Needs for Creating Graphic Motions, Animations, or to Edit Photos or Videos.
  • Advanced tools which can help them to Up-scale their Content with the Uniqueness and Creativity that they put into it.
  • User Friendly Interface Which Can Easily be Understandable for the Human Mind, and Easy to Use.

Pros & Cons


  • NO ADS 
  • Chroma Key 


  • Slow Processing with Heavy FIles.
  • Not Suitable for Professional Editing 
  • High Performance Device Required.
  • Less Support Resources.
  • Non Supportive Performance on Older Devices.

How to download Alight Motion MOD APK?

You Can Download by Clicking on the “Download” Button that is Given Above. After Downloading it Make Sure that You’ve Installed the Application in Your Phone.

But If you’re Downloading an APK Application for the First Time. Here’s the Step by Step Guide to Download the MOD APK.

  1. Open your Browser and type “Alight Motion MOD APK”
  2. Click on the Website and Press the Download Button to Download the application, or you can Download from the Button Given Below.
  3. Download the App and Install it on your Phone.
  4. But if you’re facing an on Installing the App, then Click on the Your Phone Settings and Enable “Unknown Sources” Option.
  5. After That, Install the APP and You’re Ready to Go.


Alight Motion, an exceptional motion design application that empowers users to craft stunning images, videos, and animations with professional-level precision. The content outlines the fundamental features and benefits of both the standard version and the Mod version of the app. It highlights Alight Motion’s capacity to deliver motion graphics, animation effects, and video editing that stand out. The Modded version, available for free download, offers an array of advantages, including the removal of watermarks, access to premium features, and an ad-free experience. 


For basic video editing on mobile, Capcut is hard to beat due to its user-friendly tools. However, Alight Motion offers a more robust solution for those wanting to create complex animations and motion graphics with its customizable vectors, precise keyframing and versatile effects library.

For animation, Capcut is limited due to a lack of advanced vector, frame-by-frame and keyframe tools. While basic animated overlays are possible, it falls short of specialist apps for complex 2D animation and motion graphics projects. Better suited to quick, casual video editing than robust animated productions.

Some key disadvantages of CapCut:

  1. Limited animation tools vs specialists.
  2. No true vector mode for graphics
  3. Less effects customization
  4. Watermark without Pro upgrade

Alight Motion is good for:

  • Complex 2D animation – robust timeline, keyframes, character rigging.
  • Motion graphics – powerful vector tools and frame-by-frame editing.
  • Visual effects – extensive, customizable effects library.
  • Essentially anything requiring advanced mobile animation/VFX capabilities.

Alight Motion is Paid App, But if you use the Mod Version of Alight Motion it will give you the Access of all the Premium features without Paying a Single Dime.

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