Alight Motion Presets 2024 | Top 15 Alight Motion XML File Download Presets


Alight Motion Presets which has Transformed the Photo and Video Editing Industry, this is why Millions of Users Trusts Alight Motion. By Using these Presets you can Add Eye Catching and Cool Effects to your Photos and Videos, Not Only this you can Craft Impressive Animations with the Help of Prebuild Presets. You Don’t Need any Kind of Previous Experience to Create Amazing Videos you can use Pre-Build Presets that you can Apply to your Photos and Videos and Standout in the Crowd.

How to Download Alight Motion Presets?

Usually there are 2 Options to Download the Premium Presets for Free.

Option 1: You can Download the Alight Motion Mod APK app and you can Find here all the Premium Presets that are Paid in the Official Application. But in this All the Locked Presets will be Unlocked.

Option 2: You can Download the Trending Preset of your Choice From the List of Presets Given Down Below of this Article.

Which Option is Best Option 1 OR Option 2?

Option 1 is Pretty Best for you. Because it has all the Presets that are Free and Paid in the Official App and along with that you’re able to use all the Other Features that are Paid in the Official Application. For Example: All the Premium Fonts, No Ads, No Watermark, Chroma Key Unlocked all the Premium Features Unlocked.

What is Alight Motion Presets?

These Presets are the Pre-Made Templates that Contains Various Effects Animations and Settings these Presets are Created by the Alight Motion Development Team and the Users Community.

You can Find these Themes in the Following Categories:

  • Transitions
  • Text Animations
  • Filters

Benefits of Using Alight Motion Presets

  • Time Saving: With a Single Click you’re Able to Apply Pre-Build Animations, Transitions and Effects onto your Videos and Photos, that can you Save you a Significant Amount of Time. It is Also Useful in that Instances when you’ve to Meet Tight Deadlines or when you’re Performing Repetitive Tasks.
  • Uniform Look: If you’re Applying Alight Motion Presets for more than Once in your Video, then the Presets will helps your Video Looks Consistent which Maintains Uniformity in the Video.
  • Try New Things: There are Thousands of Presets in Alight Motion, you can Try out New Presets, each Preset has Got Various Effects and Animations you’ve the option to choose which Combination Fits into your Project.
  • Speed Optimized: Since Alight Motion Presets are Pre-Build Templates that are Tested and Verified to Run Smoothly on your Device and it Perfectly Improvise your Videos.
  • Inspiration: With these Presets you can Become a Source of Inspiration with your Creativity for your Social Media Audience. These Presets Help you Explore New Ideas and Creative Styles for your Projects.

Top Trending Alight Motion Presets


Alight Motion Zoom in Zoom out Preset

This Preset in Alight Motion is a Pre-Build Animation Effect that Moderately Increase and Decrease the Actual Size of your Video and it Gave the Impression to the User that it’s Zooming In and Zooming Out.

Alight Motion Jugg Preset

This Preset Highlight the Creative Part of your Video Automatically or You can Add Manually. While it Look like you’re Capturing the Moments of your Video form the Top, Bottom, Right and Left.

Alight Motion Jedag Jedug Preset

This Preset Creates Shaky Effect in the Intro of your Video and After that it Moves the Background in 360 Degrees that is Behind the Main Object of the Video Very Slowly that it Feels the Room is Vertigo.

Alight Motion Color Grading Presets

This Preset to Set the Colors in the Video or Photo of your Own Choice which Makes it Look Natural and Enhance the Quality of the Video or Photo.

Alight Motion Intro Presets 

This Preset has Got a Plenty of Cool Effects but that are only for the Intros of your Video. You can Watch the Video Below to Choose Intro for your Video.

Alight Motion Text Presets Download

This Preset is Only Applicable for the Text in the Videos. And with of Options to Choose from you Pick Whatever Text Seems Best Fit for your Video.

Alight Motion XML Presets

This is Pretty Amazing. It Allows you to Import your Custom Made Preset or you want to Import a Preset that is in Another Application. Watch the Video Below to Know More About this.

Alight Motion Shake Effect Presets

The Most Popular Preset of Alight Motion with a Multiple Transitions and Effects, Creates an Awe in the Audience when it Shakes the Object in the Video on the High Beat of Music.

Alight Motion Top 4K Hdr cc Presets

This Preset has Also got Plenty of Effects for Videos and Photos. Which Animates, Brighten, Shakes the Person in the Video or Photo with Creative Transitions.

Alight Motion Glitch Effect Presets

A Collection of Glitch Effects which Perfectly Fits on the Horror, Funny, Sad, Romantic Situations can Make your Videos or Photos Standout in the Crowd.

Download Top 150+ Premium Alight Motion Presets

Download the XML from Below. After Downloading Go to Alight Motion App and Open a New or Existing Project. After that by Following the Below Steps you’re Able to APPLY the Presets into your Video or Photo:

  • Tap on the Layer or Element where you want to Apply the Preset.
  • Find the Option which Enables you to Add or Import the Preset.
  • To Import, Navigate to the Location where your File is Located.
  • Click on the File and Import it to the Alight Motion App.


Alight Motion Presets Offer an Easiest and Convenient Way to Enhance your Photo and Video Editing Projects. With the Ability to Quickly Applicable Pre-Build Templates, Animations, Transitions and Effects Users can Save Times and Maintain a Professional Look Throughout their Creations. Alight Motion Presets Inspire Creativity and Opens Up to new Possibilities for Content Creators. You’ve 2 Options to Choose from Either you can Download the Application where you will get all the other Benefits along with the Presets or Option 2 which is a File for the Alight Motion Presets Only. Alight Motion provides a powerful toolkit for creating impressive videos and images.

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