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Fonts can make or break the look and feel of your animated videos and motion graphics. As any Alight Motion user knows, having the right Alight Motion fonts is crucial for conveying your message effectively. However, Alight Motion fonts comes with only a small selection of default fonts, limiting your creative options. Luckily, there are many high-quality free and paid fonts available to download and use within Alight Motion.

 In this article, we will review some of the best Alight Motion font packs and websites where you can find new fonts to expand your library. Downloading new fonts is an easy way to take your Alight Motion projects to the next level. Whether you’re creating explainer videos, social media content, or motion graphics, the right font choice can engage your audience and help elevate your videos visually.

If you enjoy creating videos in Hindi using Alight Motion Fonts, it’s always nice to spice things up with some stylish fonts. The default fonts are okay, but we all know Hindi truly comes to life with beautiful styles like calligraphy and decorated fonts. 

Here’s a quick rundown on how to download and add new Hindi fonts to your Alight Motion library:

First, find some fonts you love. I’d recommend browsing sites like My Font for tons of free Hindi options in all sorts of styles. Once you see a few you can’t live without, save the zip files.

Next, extract the zip files on your device. Most will extract to a “fonts” folder automatically. Make sure this folder is somewhere easily accessible like the main storage space.

Now open Alight Motion and go to “text”. Click the fonts button at the top and hit the 3 lines for “import”. Navigate to your extracted fonts folder and select them all. This adds them to your options inside the app.

You may also want to download the “Indian Fonts Converter” app to easily copy and paste text between apps. Just write in the stylized fonts there first before pasting them into Alight Motion.

Finally, go crazy adding words and scenes with your fresh new fonts! Play around with different styles for headings vs body text. I’m sure your videos will look far more vibrant and professional now. 

How to use Custom Alight Motion Fonts on your Phone?

1. Download the Alight Motion font files from the Link given above or at the end of the Article. You can find many free fonts online as Well that are compatible with mobile. Make sure to download the proper font file format, usually TTF or OTF.

2. Transfer the font files to your phone. You can email them to yourself or use a cloud service. The files need to be in a folder on your phone’s internal storage or SD card.

3. Open Alight Motion and go to the “Text” tool. Tap the font selector and choose “Import Fonts”.

4. Locate the folder where you saved the font files. Select the files and tap “Import” to add them to Alight Motion.

5. The custom fonts should now show up in the font selector list when adding or editing text layers in your project.

6. Select the appropriate font name to apply it. You may need to enlarge the text field so any special glyphs can be rendered properly.

7. Save your project to retain the custom fonts. They will be usable anytime you open that project file in the future.

Best Alight Motion Fonts for Lyrics

Yes, choosing the right fonts is important when creating lyric videos or animation projects with text in Alight Motion. Here are some of the best font suggestions for lyrics:

  • Lifestyle Script – A gorgeous handwritten script font that looks great for lyrics. Works well for lyrics about love or feel-good songs.
  • Broadway – A classic stylized font with flair that fits well with upbeat or catchy songs. Makes lyrics really pop on screen.
  • Great Vibes – A vibrant brush script style that gives off relaxing, soothing vibes. Good for mellow or chill songs.
  • Allura – A clean sans serif that’s easy to read even at small sizes. Great for faster songs where readability matters.
  • Yellowtail – A playful, bubbly handwritten font perfect for fun, upbeat songs. Adds personality to lyrics.
  • Adventure – A rugged brushed style that evokes adventure or independence. Fits lyrical themes about journey or finding oneself.
  • Poetica Inline – Beautiful italics suitable for more poetic or emotional lyrics. Flows nicely on screen.
  • Marker Felt – A classic retro marker simulation. Works well for pop, rock or indie songs with a vintage vibe.
  • Bree Serif – Sophisticated serif type with flair. Elevates lyrics for classical, jazz or slow jams.
  • Pacifico – A handwritten script with charm. Fun yet legible for lyrics about living freely.

Choosing Best Alight Motion fonts that match the mood or genre of the song helps lyrics really connect with viewers. Test different styles to find the perfect fit.

Best Alight Motion Fonts for Edits

These are considered to be the Best Fonts for Edits. You can use these Fonts in Photos, Videos, and in Animations as Well.  

  • Lobster
  • Pacifico 
  • Caveat
  • Josefin Slab
  • Bebas Neue
  • Monoton
  • Lobster Two 
  • Quicksand
  • Raleway
  • Cuprum

Alight Motion Fonts Pack

  1. Font packs bundle together multiple fonts into a single download. This makes it easy to add many new options at once.
  2. Popular free font packs sites like and have collections tailored specifically for Alight Motion/mobile use.
  3. Packs include a variety of stylized fonts like handwritten, brush lettering, sans serif, script etc. Good for different projects.
  4. Names of included fonts are listed so you can preview the styles before importing to Alight Motion.

You can also watch the Video below to Test and Download New Fonts. 


The default fonts provided in Alight Motion are basic and do not allow creators to truly express their artistic visions. Adding new and customized fonts opens up a world of design possibilities. Whether crafting lyric videos, motion graphics or social media edits, finding the ideal typeface helps reinforce the mood and message.

Font packs provide a easy one-click option to uplevel any project. Stylizing text with the suitable font choice based on the song, scene or theme takes a video to the next level. More professional and engaging visuals can be achieved when the right fonts matching the tone are selected.

Downloading bulk collections or seeking individual styles enrich options. The fresh type adds the flavor making animations more tasty and pleasurable to watch. It simply makes stories in motion more vibrant and delightful to the eyes of all viewers.


Moving files onto your phone by dragging them from another device, or saving them directly from the internet

Web treasure troves like DaFont, FontBundle, MyFontFree.

TTF, OTF most common. Check extensions first.

Open app, click text, import through bottom button menu.

When files include embedded styles upon saving or downloading onto the phone.

Size up or adjust tracking for clear glyphs to appear.

Yes, add variety importing diverse collections.

No uninstall, erase extracted files from device storage.

Confirm licensing terms for commercial/personal use.

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