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Alight Motion, the world’s first Motion Graphics Mobile Application allows you to create Stunning Animations and it has a Mobile Friendly Video Editor which Allows you to Edit your Videos in it. With Various Pre-Build Alight Motion Effects that you can apply to your Videos and Customize According to your Needs.

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What does each Alight Motion Effects do and how to use them?

Alight Motion Effects has Various Modes and Tools that you can use to Enhance your Videos and Animations. Here’s a Brief Overview of what each Effect does and how to use them.

1. Transitions 

Transitions which are used usually to create Smooth and visually appealing Effects between your Video Clips and Videos.

How to use: While editing the video and photo you just have to drag and drop the Transitions on the timeline. You can also adjust the ratio, and duration according to your desired level. 

2. Color Grading and Correction

With this feature of Alight Motion Effects, you can adjust the contrast, brightness, and overall tone of your video, photo, and animation.

How to use: For this Select the text tool first, add a text layer to your timeline, and Customize the text, font, color, and size according to your desired look.

3. Blending Modes

Blending Modes briefs how different layers Interact with each other if you’re creating various visual effects.

How to use: Apply a blending mode in your timeline and see what it looks like when it is combined with the other content.

4. Particle Effects

These Alight Motion effects allow you to add dynamic and animated elements into your videos like snow, rain, fire confetti, etc. 

5. Speed Control 

These Alight Motion Effects feature lets you control the playback speed of your video, you can create with this Slow Motion and Fast Motion Effects.

How to use: Choose the clip in which you want the playback speed as fast or slow motion, adjust the settings, and Check.

Top 10 Trending & Viral Alight Motion Effects. 

alight motion effects

1. Alight Motion Effects on Video

It is a combination of Text Effects, Transitions, Color Correction, Layering, and Audio Effects which are pre-built effects that you can use to Enhance the Visual Appeal of your Video. 

2. Alight Motion Shake Effect

These are the Most Trending and Viral Alight Motion Effects and it has just taken the Internet by Storm. A multiple Number of Alight Motion effects that you can use either in your Photo or Video. You can See and Download the Shake Effects of your own from the Video Given Below.

3. Alight Motion Snow Effect

These type of Alight Motion Effects gives you an Aesthetic Vibe. It feels Like that you’re in that area where Snow is Falling only for you. If you want to Know, How to Create a Snow Effect? See the Video Below to Know More About the Snow Effect.

4. Alight Motion Text Effect Pack

Alight Motion Effects Section has got variety of text effects that can Enhance the Visual Appeal of your Video. These texts are very Useful for Shorts and Reels. Check out the Video Below to Know more about the Top 10 Presets of Alight Motion.

5. Alight Motion HDR Effect

These are very creative Alight Motion Effects that is used to enhance the quality of your video by creating an HDR color in your video which gives it a cool look and boosts the quality of your video. Watch the video below to learn, How to Apply this Effect.

6. Alight Motion Rain Drop Effect

The most popular Alight Motion effects that is used mostly in reels and shorts. This effect creates a texture illusion that attracts the attention of the Audience. Watch the Video below to learn more about this effect.

7. Alight Motion Overlay Effect

These Alight Motion effects can used for various purposes. Like, add textures or patterns to your video, and control the color balance, saturation, and contrast of your video. Watch the video below to learn more about this. 

8. Alight Motion DJ Effects

Most used Alight Motion Effects which is also known as Shake Effects. Watch the video below to learn more about these Viral effects.

9. Alight Motion Black Effect 

These effects are mostly used by the People who usually create content on TikTok. Watch the Video Below to learn more about this effect.

10. Alight Motion Move and Transform Effect

Used to create wiggly and float effects on the objects that are in the video. Watch the video below to learn more about this effect.

Final Verdict

Alight Motion is a powerful mobile application that revolutionizes video editing and animation creation. It boasts a wide range of pre-built visual effects and tools that cater to various creative needs. From seamlessly blending transitions to fine-tuning color grading and correction, users can effortlessly enhance their videos. The application’s blending modes offer opportunities for unique visual effects, while particle effects enable the integration of dynamic elements like rain or snow. Speed control allows for easy manipulation of playback speed, whether for slow-motion drama or fast-motion excitement.

Furthermore, Alight Motion offers trending effects like text animation, shake, HDR, raindrop, overlay, DJ, black, and move/transform effects, each designed to elevate the visual appeal of your videos. These effects empower users, whether they are professional content creators or casual enthusiasts, to infuse their content with creativity and style. Alight Motion opens up a world of possibilities for video editing, making it a valuable tool for anyone looking to make their videos stand out in the digital landscape. Explore its diverse effects library to unlock your video editing potential and captivate your audience.


For this, you’ve to copy the Effects from the Layer. Then, Tap on the 3 Dots (…) at the Bottom of the Screen within the App and Click on the Copy Effects. Now tap anywhere on the Screen to Exit the Layer. And go to that where you want this Effect to Paste. Tap the Layer and click on the (…) 3 Dots Again and Select Paste Effect.

Open the Alight Motion and Click on the New Project. Select the layer where you want to add the effect. Tap on the effects button and choose your desired from the given effects and click apply.

There are hundreds of effects available in alight motion. For every Situation, there are Multiple Effects available. You can choose any free effect that fits best on the Situation. 

For animating the text you should have knowledge about keyframe Records. But there are also various Pre-built animated fonts available you can use that too.

Yes, you can use the Preset in Videos. There are thousands of Presets available for every situation. You can choose any Preset that fits best in the Situation.

You don’t need any software to use the Presets. Presets are Directly available in the Application that you can directly in your videos within the Application.

Yes, you can Download Alight Motion on Android from the Playstore. 

By using Presets Panel or Adobe Bridge you can Apply and Browse Animation Presets in After Effects.

At First, Alight Motion is only Created for Mobile. But People found a way to use it on PC by using emulators.

After Effects is Considered the Most Powerful tool in Motion and has Plenty of More Advanced Features than Alight Motion. But it is also more expensive than Alight Motion

MiniTool MovieMaker is Similar to Alight Motion and the Amazing thing about is, that you can export your video without the watermark.

People Mostly used Alight Motion, Inshot, and Capcut for Video Editing. But Everyone has their own choice Preference. 

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